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Same Direction, New Milestones

In a world where we’ve been asked to fit neatly into boxes, compartmentalize our personal and professional lives and only share the highlight reels, OwnTrail exists to help you blaze your own trail to a more fulfilling life. We do that by providing tools, connection and support to navigate life authentically and intentionally. 

Team OwnTrail has been hard at work making some meaningful updates towards solving this unmet and important need. Starting today, we are expanding our community to all genders and launching an accessible monthly membership.

As always, these updates were driven by our values and our community. And since we’re all about transparency, let me share more about how we arrived at them. 

Serving all genders

Our north star has always been to help everyone find fulfillment and make progress through their lives, on their own terms. While that big and lofty goal encompasses endless potential actions, we’ve been inspired by how our community has often started by aligning their careers with the broader life they want to live. In fact, many of the Trails and Help Beacons on OwnTrail right now are sharing experiences of feeling stuck in unfulfilling work and navigating transitions to break cycles that don’t serve them.

As we’ve observed you take ownership of your nonlinear careers as a means toward a more fulfilling life, it was clear that now was the time to expand beyond a women-centered community for a few reasons: 

  1. If we were only to help women navigate their careers more authentically, that could serve to widen gender disparities in the workplace. 
  2. All genders are needed to help open opportunities, share experiences and recommend resources for purposeful career navigation. 
  3. A women-centered space isn’t the most inclusive, intersectional option for all women, let alone the full spectrum of genders. 

When I think about LinkedIn, I think of a very masculine platform that is open to all genders. As we grow OwnTrail and expand to all genders, I see us leading with feminine ideals, such as community, authenticity and safety. These values will help everyone take action to live more intentional and fulfilling lives. We’re proud to have created that space for you to share your story in a more holistic and authentic way that a resume or LinkedIn profile ever could, and give you the tools to reflect on your journey, passions and aspirations along with a supportive and aligned community. 

Introducing membership

As we expand our reach and grow our offering, it’s incredibly important that OwnTrail remains a safe, trusted space that fosters authenticity and vulnerability. Rolling out our paid membership helps us accomplish that in two ways: 

  1. Keeping connections and discussions behind a paywall will help to keep potential bad actors out while including those who value our safe, authentic space. 
  2. Building a sustainable business with people opting in to paying us lets us hold to our promise of never commoditizing people by selling them to advertisers. 
  3. Everyone can still create their trail for free. And for the accessible price of $10/month or $99/year (with a 30-day free trial), members can create unlimited Help Beacons, connect with and message the OwnTrail community, join our new monthly Trail Talks and book club discussions, participate in weekly reflections, and so many more tools that we’re building out to help you make progress on your terms. 

I’ve been so proud of how our team keeps innovating while holding true to our values, and this latest launch feels big in both those ways. I can’t wait to see beyond the resume of even more authentic trailblazers, and to make intentional progress together. I’d love for you to connect with me on OwnTrail and let me know what you think!