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Same Direction, New Milestones

Team OwnTrail has been hard at work making some meaningful updates towards solving this unmet and important need. Starting today, we are expanding our community to all genders and launching an accessible monthly membership.

Meet team OwnTrail: Q&A with Ashley K. Stoyanov Ojeda

We’re shining the spotlight on the individuals that make up team OwnTrail, and while we might be biased, we think you’re going to think they’re as incredible as we do. Get to know our communications manager Ashley K. Stoyanov Ojeda in this authentic interview that digs into some of the meaningful milestones on her trail.

Nikki Innocent believes you are meant to be exactly who you are

If you’re looking to change the world, Nikki Innocent has news for you. The founder, podcast host, coach and top-notch hype woman believes that you are meant to be exactly who you are to change the world. After exploring the trail that Nikki is blazing, we chatted with her about some meaningful milestones and standout moments along her journey.

Stepping into power with Paulette Pinero

Paulette Pinero is helping create a world where women can step into their power. In this interview, she talks about self-doubt, how her experience with bad managers inspired her business, and how she’s working to help the Latino community become more efficient leaders.
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