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Meet the OwnTrail advisors

OwnTrail advisors Rebecca, Mark, Miracle, Andrew and Joan

We strongly believe that the best companies, communities and experiences come from building collaboratively. For us, that very much includes our advisors. These incredibly talented experts bring their individual experience, insights and perspectives to make team OwnTrail smarter, stronger and even more thoughtful. While most of their work with us may happen behind the scenes, …

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Connections and Messages

One of the powerful things about OwnTrail is the ability for our stories to reach countless women. When you share your trail or answer questions or comments in a conversation about your trail, the work you put into owning your story can inspire every woman that needs to hear it. While the reach and impact …

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Lizzie Ann Jones and vulnerability as a superpower

Lizzie Ann Jones sees careers as stories, and hers has included chapters at major tech companies (Amazon, Expedia), running a career strategy firm (Hey Lizzie Ann) and pursuing an MBA to further hone her business fundamentals and empathetic leadership approach. Sharing her story with her network of 36,000 professionals on LinkedIn, Lizzie is blazing trails …

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Introducing Trail Guides

OwnTrail’s mission is to advance women individually and systemically. So far we’ve been tackling this from a foundation of technology, building ways for women to share their authentic life paths and browse those of others. But we know that succeeding at this major ambition also requires real human connection. And our recent survey results and user interviews …

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Different trails through career transitions

Whether by choice or chance, career changes are a fact of professional life. A 2019 survey found 49% of full-time workers have experienced a major career change, and 65% say they’re either thinking or have thought about making a dramatic shift. It’s also common to feel alone in the moment, especially when social media shows an artificial …

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