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OwnTrail Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis always the season to support women-owned companies, and we’ve got your holiday gift list covered with these gifts ideas for women and from women-led brands. If you’re looking for a gift outside the mainstream, PR-driven gift guides, this is it.

Kola Goodies Milk Tea & Strainer Holiday Gift Set

Sajani Amarasiri launched Kola Goodies to bring the foods and herbs that she grew up eating in Sri Lanka to everyone that cares about wellness and taste. Their botanical-rich blends help boost energy, mood, immunity and well-being, and we’re loving their milk tea set for an unexpected yet 100% thoughtful gift for the tea and coffee lovers on your list.

Couplet Coffee’s Blissful Ballad Blend & French Press

Gefen Skolnick started Couplet Coffee with the goal of making specialty coffee more accessible and fun. Their whole coffee beans are freshly roasted and make a great cup of espresso, especially when brewed in their classicly cute red heart French press.

Fly By Jing Sichuan Chili Crisp

Jing Gao is on a mission to dispel stereotypes about Chinese cuisine, embrace her heritage and bring uncensored flavors to the table with Fly By Jing, her line of pantry staples and frozen dumplings. The bestselling Sichuan Chili Crisp is a perfect stocking stuffer or coworker gift for anyone who loves some flavor in their life. Our team swears by a drizzle of it on pizza, noodles or ice cream.

Fast Penny Spirits Amaricano

Holly Robinson and Jamie Hunt didn’t just start Fast Penny Spirits with the goal of creating a high-quality amaro using organic and wild-crafted ingredients — she’s also building the business to impact the greater good through sustainability and empowerment of women and community. Fast Penny Spirits’ Amaricano is fantastic for sipping on its own or as a bold and complex cocktail ingredient, making it a great gift for the hosts on your list (including yourself!).

Krishna, Shiva and Lakshmi plush toys from Ish Dolls

Observing a lack of multicultural toys, Amanda Ealla decided to create her own line of toys and clothing that celebrate Hindu culture. Ish Dolls include plush babies Krishna, Shiva, Lakshmi, Rama and Sita. Of course they’re great gifts for little ones but think of how cute they’d be tucked into a gift box or care package for grown-ups!

Women in Food and Holiday Self-Care Packages from Small Packages

Julie Schechter started Small Packages to take a huge bite out of the loneliness epidemic, by letting people easily send love through curated custom packages. Their limited edition Women in Food box (pictured) is a great way to send some deliciousness to the foodies on your list, and we’ve got our eye on their Holiday Self Care Package for our friends with hygge goals this winter.

Holiday Cards designed by Yvonne Chan

If you frequent a certain global coffee chain with a mermaid logo, you might recognize Yvonne Chan‘s creative style. Her illustrations explore themes of cultural identity, femininity, and seeking solace in a fast-paced, high-pressure world. Her latest line of holiday cards bring her whimsical, vibrant designs to your loved ones’ mailboxes (selling out fast!)

Rocket Science T-shirt from Mary Nguyen Co

Mary Nguyen wants to help girls and women dominate their journey’s in STEM by sharing products, tools, and resources that empower them. Her store is full of empowering messages, like this cute rocket science shirt that’s an instant hit for your badass tech friends. They’ll love it so much they’ll be sure to tag you when they post a selfie in this super Instagrammable tee.

Ash Codes Women in Tech Coffee Mug

As a software engineer and web designer, Ash Codes (AKA Ashley Llewellyn) is passionate about advancing women in tech. Her Etsy shop compliments her AshCodes Instagram account and blog, with inspiring, useful items like this women in tech mug.

Greeting Card Subscription from Pidge Post

Here’s something for the people who are great gift-givers but tend to be hard to shop for — a monthly greeting card subscription hand-curated and shipped complete with postage! Anna Sullivan founded Pidge Post, a greeting card subscription service, to help people be more thoughtful, loving and connected. Their card packages make great one-off gifts for someone you’d love to hear from more.

Bold Art Prints from Jade Purple Brown

Jade Purple Brown’s artwork uses strong figures, vibrant colors, and messages of optimism to create new, dynamic worlds of individuality and empowerment. Her art prints are a sure way to brighten up someone’s walls and spirit.

Full Ritúal Fluid Resistance Bands (set of three)

Naimeesha Murthy started Full Ritual to honor the rituals that fuel our minds, bodies and souls. The products and community she is building are intended to help women invest in their own well-being. Their set of resistance bands are as gorgeous as they are useful no matter your activity level (or should we say your ritual?).

House of Wise CBD Gummies

Better sleep? Less stress? Better sex? Yes please!, Woman-owned CBD brand House of Wise makes it easy to gift those with their signature gummies. After discovering how CBD brought her calm and focus in difficult times, Amanda Goetz founded House of Wise so that women could take control of their stress, sleep, sex and strength, which is a gift that keeps on giving. Plus, their gorgeous packaging means all you have to do is slap on a bow and call it a day!

BackEmbrace Posture Support

Kara Froula founded BackEmbrace to solve for her own back pain. She wanted a posture support that is attractive, effective, and actually feels good, and couldn’t find it – so she left her accounting career to create the product she needed herself. The result is a gift of support and style for the friend or coworker who spends too much time in front of a desk.

Ria’s Whipped Shea Butter Dual Moisturizer

Who can say no to a beauty multi-tasker, especially one formulated for sensitive skin types that comes in lots of lovely scents? Ria’s Whipped Shea Butter is a nourishing dual moisturizer for the skin and hair, created by Marie Davis as part of Ria’s Beauty Collection after her own experience with eczema. The brand specializes in skincare and haircare products for those experiencing skin and hair issues. Purchase online or in-store at retailers like Walmart.

Five Nations Coloring Books by Dani Dixon

Writer and illustrator Dani Dixon’s intricate Five Nations series of coloring books invite you into the rich worlds of Endelle, Callen and Erduce — and you bring the color! Gift on their own or as a set with some watercolor markers or colored pencils for a delightful, creative present.

Blaze Your Own Trail: An Interactive Guide to Navigating Life with Confidence, Solidarity and Compassion

Now here’s something for the trailblazer on your list! Our founder and CEO, Rebekah Bastian, wrote the book Blaze Your OwnTrail, and it was the idea of a book launch site that led to creating OwnTrail as you know it. This is a great gift for any woman thinking through the paths that lie ahead, including college students, recent grads and anyone experiencing a career or life pivot, as well as anyone that wants to better understand women’s life experiences.

Community Blend Coffee from Intentionalist x Fulcrum Coffee

Laura Clise founded Intentionalist to help communities be intentional about their spending in order to support underestimated and underserved small business owners. They’ve partnered with Fulcrum Coffee to create Community Blend as a celebration of diverse people and as a reminder that everyday decisions about where we eat, drink and shop are an opportunity to make new connections and build community. We’ll drink to that!

Accupressure Mat from buddhi

Kathleen Brown founded buddhi, a community for cancer patients and their loved ones, after surviving a rare childhood cancer herself. This accupressure mat, one of the self-care items in the buddhi shop, isn’t just great for people navigating the physical and mental stresses of cancer. It can be used to relieve everything from aches and pains to stress and anxiety for anyone.