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Meet the OwnTrail advisors

We strongly believe that the best companies, communities and experiences come from building collaboratively. For us, that very much includes our advisors. These incredibly talented experts bring their individual experience, insights and perspectives to make team OwnTrail smarter, stronger and even more thoughtful. While most of their work with us may happen behind the scenes, these are folks we are thrilled to have in our corner — and to introduce them to you!

Rebecca Lovell

Location: Seattle, WA
Blazing trails in: entrepreneurship
Superpower: helping founders with their pitches

A legend in the Seattle startup scene for good reason, Rebecca brings her deep experience and passion for founders and the entrepreneurial ecosystem to team OwnTrail. She’s also our resident karaoke superstar!

Mark Clerkin

Location: Indianapolis, IN
Blazing trails in: data science
Superpower: making complex technical information easily understandable

Mark has helped dozens of tech companies strategize and implement data science, machine learning and AI to solve problems, add value and serve their missions. He’s proof that that big thinking works best when paired with an even bigger heart.

Miracle Olatunji

Location: Boston, MA
Blazing trails in: creating meaningful connection
Superpower: helping people see their potential

Author, founder, role model and college student — Miracle’s journey is one paved with purpose. She’s a natural at connecting dots, ideas and people, and we love her for it!

Andrew Wright

Location: Sammamish, WA
Blazing trails in: building consumer internet companies
Superpower: seeing opportunities and knowing how to execute on them

Andrew’s honed his expertise in business vision and strategy from doing, and doing a lot. He’s led, founded, exited, advised and invested in consumer-focused companies and brings deep experience and excitement for new ideas to team OwnTrail.

Joan Westenberg

Location: Sydney, Australia
Blazing trails in: writing, communications and PR
Superpower: speed reading — she can read and retain up to six books at a time, with a finish rate of one a day!

A PR director, tech writer and founder, Joan’s many talents shine in every story she tells — and she brings a trademark authenticity to every last one. We adore her work to normalize true self-care, mental health and wellbeing within (and outside of!) tech and startups.