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Introducing Privacy on the Milestone Level

Private milestones

We love building with our community and listening to you about how OwnTrail will most meet your needs, and that feedback is what led us to launch two changes to milestones: present tense milestones and privacy settings. 

Present Tense Milestones

I’ve struggled myself with where to put some milestones, and have heard this feedback from women in our community too. We know what has already happened, and we know what we’re aspiring to… but what about the things we’re living through right now? They’re not in the past or future — they’re in the present. 

Now when you add a milestone to your trail, or edit an existing one, you can choose for it to be past, present or aspirational. 

Present tense milestones have a slightly different color than past or aspirational, and are displayed between the past and aspirational milestones on your trail. 

Milestone Privacy 

This update came directly from a lot of feedback we’ve heard from our community. You’re open to sharing your authentic trails, but some of those milestones are a little too personal for just anyone to see. Maybe that’s held you back from adding a milestone or sharing all the details of it. We get it! 

Now when you add a milestone, you can decide if you want to make the description viewable by anyone in our community, or just the people you’re connected to. Connections on OwnTrail require double opt-in, so you always have control over who can see the details on any and all your private milestones. 

When a milestone is set as private, the full description is visible to your OwnTrail connections, and people that you aren’t connected to see a message letting them know it’s private. 

And remember that you can always use an anonymous screen name instead of your real/full name if you want to keep your trail even more private. The experiences and identities that we share are what truly inspire others, and the power of owning your story is real, whether or not others can attribute it to you. 

We can’t wait to hear what you think of these new settings, and to see how your trails grow as you have even more agency over the story you are sharing. And please keep the feedback coming — we love building OwnTrail with this incredible community of trailblazers!