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Finding joy during the pandemic

Priyanka Komala is a dynamic trailblazer in the STEM space who has carried her expertise into a multitude of channels, from conference rooms to radio talk shows. Her outgoing attitude and driven approach to her work have brought her steady success. Still, her passion for uplifting and empowering working women professionals and women in business to overcome the fear of public speaking along the way is perhaps her most remarkable feat as the founder of Curryup LEADership. She is also the creator of the Curryup Leadership podcast with over 100 episodes that serve to platform the accomplishments of various Asian leaders and innovators who impact their field.

Losing my father a few months ago was a transformative moment to live life mindfully and meaningfully.

That life-changing moment gave me the permission to take away the word “fear” from my life dictionary and pursue opportunities that fulfilled my potential inward and outward.

I started assessing life beyond a STEM leader, a Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur. What makes me tick? What would make me get out of the bed without resenting?

I didn’t have to go to expensive retreats to find solace and answers. I only had to look deep within. It was hard at first because we look for quick fixes and the solutions to life’s curveballs aren’t an answer that comes at the flick of a switch. I experimented with and stacked habits that created a sense of joy at work and in life. I now see myself as an explorer and lifelong learner of Joy.

Here are three ways to find joy in this pandemic.

1. Establish a morning routine that makes you happy.

It doesn’t have to be waking up at 5 AM. But, find 2-3 things to set the tone for the day rather than waking up with your phone. The quiet time where you consistently focus on yourself yields dramatic results. My morning routine consists of 15 mins meditation, 5 minutes of journaling and affirmations, 10 mins of yoga, 15 mins of posting my thoughts on social channels, speaking with my mom, and messaging my dad’s phone—a solid 60 mins for you. I still message my dad as part of my habit for the last few years, and my mom responds, making me feel better at handling grief.

2. Surround yourself with uplifting people and level up your circle.

We get caught up in petty trivialities of life as part of our everyday routine. But, if you start assessing how you want to make your day fantastic and make the best use of it, it starts with surrounding yourself with people ahead of you. Be it in fitness, leadership, career path, and wealth-building, look for people in and outside your network who can inspire you to do better things and motivate you to reach your goals. My goals are to help working women professionals and women in business overcome the fear of public speaking through my Curryup LEADership speaker accelerator program, write a book and TEDx talk on Overcoming the fear of public speaking for women, and wealth-building as a Crypto investor. Start small, and in no time, your morning ritual will manifest your dreams, provide clarity, and bring the right people into your life with ease.

3. Take it easy

“Don’t take life seriously as life is too short. Soar like an eagle and never look back.”

Well, it’s easy to say, but that’s the way it is. Those are the last words my dad shared with me. When you lose a loved one, you will understand the meaning of not taking life seriously. End your day journaling for 5 minutes on a) three things that made your day and b) three things that you learned. I have never felt happier than where I’m today. Nothing changed. I live in the same house, drive the same car, have the same work title, but a sense of joy creeps in that will make your life purposeful for you and others around you.

Before I let you reflect on these three life insights that could bring you joy, some books have inspired me in my journey including Man’s search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl which I had read a few years ago. Recent reads include The 5 AM Club, Indra Nooyi’s memoir My Life in Full, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson.

Which one of Priyanka’s three tips most resonates with you? Connect with her on OwnTrail to share and discuss more!