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Connections and Messages

One of the powerful things about OwnTrail is the ability for our stories to reach countless women. When you share your trail or answer questions or comments in a conversation about your trail, the work you put into owning your story can inspire every woman that needs to hear it. While the reach and impact this can have is powerful, sometimes you want to take that conversation “offline” and connect directly with a specific woman. 

When you’ve found one of your people on OwnTrail — someone whose trail inspires you, who you would like to give or receive guidance or connections from, or just someone you want to stay in touch with — just use the  “Connect” button on their trail page. 

Consent is key for all connections on OwnTrail — anyone you request to connect with will need to accept before you can message each other. View your connection requests on the Connections page, accessed from the profile menu. 

Once you’re connected to someone, you’re able to send messages to each other through OwnTrail. These messages are just between the two of you, outside the public conversation visible to everyone with an OwnTrail account. Use the Message button on their trail to message a connection, or you can access all your messages from the profile menu. 

You’ll get an email notification from OwnTrail when someone sends you a connection request or message, so be sure to add team@owntrail.com to your contact list to make sure they land in your inbox.

From there, it’s up to you! We can’t wait to learn about the collaborations, friendships and impact that you’re able to create with each other. Happy connecting!