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Same Direction, New Milestones

Team OwnTrail has been hard at work making some meaningful updates towards solving this unmet and important need. Starting today, we are expanding our community to all genders and launching an accessible monthly membership.

Going from inspiration to action with Help Beacons

We all need help along our journeys, but we don’t always know how to get it. Maybe we’re always the one doing things for others, and don’t feel comfortable prioritizing ourselves. Maybe we feel stigmas around needing help (thanks, social media) or see it as being transactional (looking at you, LinkedIn!). What we need is …

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Meet the OwnTrail advisors

OwnTrail advisors Rebecca, Mark, Miracle, Andrew and Joan

We strongly believe that the best companies, communities and experiences come from building collaboratively. For us, that very much includes our advisors. These incredibly talented experts bring their individual experience, insights and perspectives to make team OwnTrail smarter, stronger and even more thoughtful. While most of their work with us may happen behind the scenes, …

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Introducing Trail Guides

OwnTrail’s mission is to advance women individually and systemically. So far we’ve been tackling this from a foundation of technology, building ways for women to share their authentic life paths and browse those of others. But we know that succeeding at this major ambition also requires real human connection. And our recent survey results and user interviews …

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Fundraising in Crisis: Advice from Founder to Investor

There have been a lot of perspectives shared by VCs about managing startups during the age of Coronavirus, from Sequoia’s Black Swan warning to Haystack’s advice for fundraising during a pandemic. As a first-time founder experiencing a rather jarring beginning to entrepreneurship due to the sudden state of the world, these perspectives have been really insightful and appreciated. …

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